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Information for Students:

How to Obtain Accommodations: 

For students who are new to Student Disability Services, a step-by-step guide to obtaining services can be found at: New to SDS.


Scholarships and Federal Financial Aid: 

Many resources exist to help pay for your education. 

Almost all scholarships require you submit a FAFSA (www.fafsa.gov) before applying.  It is important to submit a FAFSA every school year by the deadline (typically June for the subsequent Fall semester). 

SDS has put together a list of  national scholarships for people with disabilities and some national scholarship search engines: National Scholarship list

OSU offers some scholarships specifically for students with disabilities: OSU Scholarships for Students with Disabilities. Remember, you can apply for general university scholarships as well, provided you meet the pre-requisites. 

Community resources for scholarships: Community Resources.


Foreign Language and Math: 

Our Foreign Language and Math substitution policy: "Policies and Procedures" 5.01 


Alternative Format Books: 

More information regarding how to obtain books in alternative format: Alternative Format Guidelines.