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Working With Veterans

Veterans are transitioning back into civilian life after service. Resources exist to help professionals better understand and work with veterans to help their reintegration into civilian life.

Veterans in the Classroom: A brief guide for working with veterans in the classroom.

Veteran Guidelines and Best Practices in the Classroom: A guide created by the WDVA-Higher Education Outreach Program to help professionals reflect on their perceptions of military veterans.

Ten Things You Should Know:  Items to consider presented in a letter by a servicewoman. “Ten Things You Should Know to Help Bring the OIF/OEF Veteran All the Way Home,” by Alison Lighthall, RN, MS (Former Captain in the US Army Nurse Corps).

National Center for PTSD: Resources and information for providers and researchers.

Center for Deployment Psychology: The Center for Deployment Psychology trains military and civilian behavioral health professionals to provide high-quality deployment related behavioral health services to military personnel and their families.

GiveAnHour.org: This organization is currently focusing on the psychological needs of military personnel and their families through the donation of time and service by mental health professionals.  The website provides information on working with veterans and their families and help to connect veterans with mental health professionals.

ATTC Network:  This organization provides information and support for professionals in the addictions treatment and recovery field who are working with veterans.