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Parent Corner

Parent Corner

Welcome to the Student Disability Services Parent Corner, this is a set of resources and links to help new students to OSU and parents understand how best make the transition from high school to college.

Transition Information:

The following letters and documents have information that will assist you on your journey and transition to college:

1.   "Letter to Parents" - is a great starting place that will answer many questions you have for college.  This Letter was Adapted from Jane Jarrow’s “An Open Letter to Parents of Students with Disabilities About to Enter College”

2.  "Resources for Students with Disabilities (SWD) and Parents of SWD"

3.  “Differences Between Highs School and College with Respect to Expectations of Students

4.  OKhighered "Oklahoma's promise flier"

Law and the differences between High School and College

1.  "Differences between High School and College Accommodations for Students with Disabilities"