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If you need additional interpreting services


  • All classroom related interpreting assignments are scheduled by SDS.  Do not make independent arrangements with the interpreter unless you plan to pay for the services.  Interpreters are to refer students to SDS regarding requests.
  • It is the student’s responsibility to request interpreting services in advance (at least 48 hours prior, if possible) e.g. conference time with instructors, tutoring, class-related assignments, test reviews.  SDS will make every effort to fulfill requests; however, there is no guarantee if late notice is given.
  • Information needed:
  • date of event
  • event time (beginning and estimated ending)
  • event/situation (e.g. conference, tutoring) location
  • contact person, if available (for any clarification, additional information).
  • For co-curricular events on campus (plays, lectures, club meetings, etc.), contact the sponsoring organization to request an interpreter. You may also inform SDS as we are a resource for campus departments and organizations in meeting accommodation needs.