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No Show to classes


  • Inform SDS of any planned absences at least 48 hours in advance.  If you are sick, email, text, or TTY SDS as soon as you know you are going to miss classes.  No notice will be counted as a “miss.”
  • ANY three unreported misses per class WILL result in suspension of services for that particular class until the student meets with the SDS.  An additional “miss” for that class will result in a re-evaluation of the need for interpreting services for that particular class.
  • If you are absent in your first class but plan on attending the other classes, notify SDS immediately. If not, the interpreter will not proceed to any later classes for that day.  We will assume you are gone for the day.
  • If the interpreter is late to class contact the SDS office immediately to arrange for a substitute interpreter or alternative accommodations.
  • Be on time.  The interpreters are required to wait for students 15 minutes for classes less than or equal to 90 minutes, 30 minutes for classes that are longer than 90 minutes, then they report to the SDS office for reassignment.