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Oklahoma State University

Faculty Corner

Faculty Corner

Welcome to the Student Disability Services Faculty Corner, a set of resources and links to help faculty understand how best to work with students with disabilities.

 Advisement/Classroom Information:

 For advising students, this information is critical.


Useful Resources:

 Information every constituent of the OSU campus can benefit by knowing.

  • AHEAD - The National Association on Higher Education And Disability
  • OK - AHEAD - Oklahoma State's AHEAD chapter.
  • PEPNet - The Postsecondary Education Programs Network


Teaching Strategies:

 For faculty members that are instructing students with disabilities.

  • Make a Difference - An in-depth training resource on accommodating various types of disabilities in a classroom environment.
  • The Faculty Room - Another in-depth training system for faculty.
  • Faculty Teaching Tips - A set of brief quick ideas to better provide for students with disabilities and able-bodied students alike.
  • Project Access - Promoting Access for the Deaf & Hard of Hearing Students