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Oklahoma State University

Assistive Technology Introduction


Assistive technology (AT) accommodations are available to any student with disabilities at OSU who has registered for services with the OSU Student Disability Services (SDS) office. AT is any item, device or service that enhances your independence in your educational environment. AT may include software,apps,extensions hardware or peripherals to help you succeed in the classroom. AT is available for loan, demonstration and trial on campus.


Assistive technology may include supports assisting you in class with the following tasks:

  1. Outlining or editing Papers
  2. Planning Multi-step projects
  3. Time Management
  4. Prioritizing tasks
  5. Spelling and grammar
  6. Mouse alternatives
  7. Keyboarding
  8. Note taking


If you struggle with these tasks or others, due to your disability. Contact OSU SDS ( to learn what assistive technology options on campus may assist you.

Software Suggestions

Assistive technology requests from previous semester included

Math Authoring, easily accessible voice recognition, and accessing textbooks on e-book reading devices like the Kindle.

If you are interested in Math Authoring software check out the free trial for educators:

Equatio by text help

Open Source voice recognition that actually works:

  1. create a free gmail account at
  2. plug your microphone into your computers USB or microphone Jack.
  3. under google apps select Google Docs
  4. create a New document
  5. In Tools Menu choose voice type and click the Microphone on screen to begin dictating to your computer.

AT funding resources

acquiring funding to purchase your own Assistive technology for employment or independent living, may seem overwhelming. research funding alternatives by diagnoses

needs meds funding search

Oklahoma Abletech alternative financing Loan Program

oklahoma Abletech AT loan program

if you require assistive technology for your work goals, consider contacting Oklahoma vocational rehabilitation services